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Kristen Rivas

Resilience Integrity Empathy Core Values
Contact Information
Student Support Time & Office Hours
Monday mornings 8:10-9:00
Wednesdays Lunchtime


All other hours are by appointment only.

Access Course Content

Madame Rivas uses School Loop and Google Classroom.  Students can access class assignments and grades on School Loop.  Google Classroom will be dedicated as a classroom resource for access to important notes, presentations, and cultural links. 

2017-2018 Teaching Schedule
Period 1 French 3
Period 2 French 3
Period 3 French 2
Period 4 French 2
Period 5 AP French
Period 6 Instructional Coach
Period 7 Prep
Period 8 Prep


Welcome to Madame Rivas's Website

Here you will be able to check your class page for grades, event announcements, assignments, course related attachments, links, and writing tools. 


If you need to or would like to contact me concerning the French program and/or student progress, I am easily reached via email or School Loop.  My responses should come within 48 hours.  I look forward to another wonderful year at CdM! 

CdMHS Mission & Values

To provide the highest level of comprehensive instruction aimed at empowering students to learn with resiliency, react with empathy and live with integrity.  Our school motto is:

Cultivate Integrity

Develop Resiliency

Model Empathy

Kristen Rivas Locker
8/31/19 3:20 PM