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College Bound Student Athletes:

  • Prospective student athletes who plan on playing Division I or II sports need to register for the NCAA by the end of their junior year.  Then send a transcript to the NCAA after you junior year is completed and grades are posted on the transcript.

  • To see what classes qualify for the core course requirements, Click Here.

    • Then click on List of Approved Core Courses

    • Then search under high school name. You need to type in Corona% and select California, then click on Corona Del Mar High School to search CDM's approved classes.  

  • Search colleges for Division I, II, III sports:

    •  Click Here

    • Then click on Schools Sponsoring NCAA Sports.

  •  Mailing transcripts
    • Please bring a stamped envelope addressed (as listed below) to the counseling office and we will send the official transcript out for you.  The first two official transcripts are free. Every one thereafter costs $3.00 that can be paid to the ASB office. Please bring your ASB receipt with your envelope for mailing.         

                               NCAA Eligibility Center

                              Certification Processing

                              P.O. Box 7136

                             Indianapolis, IN 46207

Other Helpful Links:   

  • Division III College Student Athletes: A guide to Division III athletics at the college level. Why play Division III athletics? The difference between Divisions and tips and tools on how to get noticed.

  • Athletic Resume : Sample of athletic resumes, and suggestions for letters to coaches 

  • National Association of intercollegiate Athletics : The purpose of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is to promote the education and development of students through intercollegiate athletic participation.
  • Athletic Links : Search college athletic websites by sport and state.