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Contact Information


Room: 220


Office Hours

Mondays 8:20-9:00 AM 

Thursdays at Lunch 

& by appointment 

Online Textbook

Online Textbook Level 1


Online textbook passcode 


Karen Briseno, K

2018-2019 Schedule
Period 1 Spanish 8CD
Period 2  Spanish 1A / 7-8
Period 3 Spanish 7AB
Period 4 Prep 
Lunch  Schedule an appointment for help 
Period 5 Spanish 8 CD
Period 6 Spanish 7 AB
Period 7 Prep
Period 8  Spanish 7-8
Office Hours 

Monday's during intervention (8:20-9:00AM),

Thursdays at lunch, and by appointment 


I use School Loop for grades and the assignment calendar. 

I use Google Classroom to collect some homework and assignments. 

I use the Google class drive (in Google Classroom) to up load class resources, handouts, worksheets, and presentations, and notes.  

When in doubt check School Loop and it will let you know when you need to use Google classroom. 

Wish list

Thank you for all your support. 

My biggest need this year is individually wrapped candy for mini birthday piñatas and prizes. We do a lot of learning through games.