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Class Syllabus

Laura Keane

Contact Information

Room 326

To Access Course Content

  • Class information can be found on our class School Loop page.  You can access this via the CDM web site with your login.  
  • Assignments can be found on the class calendar.
  • Filled in notes, homework answers and useful videos can be found in the locker.
  • Please use the desktop version to see the calendar and locker.  The mobile version has limited information.
  • Directions to access the online version of our class text can be found in the locker under Math 1 Enhanced Information or Math 2 Enhanced Information Folders depending on course. 

2018-2019 Teaching Schedule

Period 1


Period 2

Math I Enhanced

Period 3

Math I Enhanced

Period 4

Math II Enhanced

Period 5

Math II Enhanced

Period 6

Math I Enhanced

Period 7

Math I Enhanced

Period 8



Student Support Hours

Late Start Monday Intervention 8:15 - 9:00

Even Days 7:30 until school starts