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All Inclusive Middle School World Languages

Our new program is designed specifically for all middle school students who want to get an early start on acquiring a second language. Students begin their language studies in 7th grade with a year-long sampler of World Language courses (French and Spanish), and continue a single language course of study in the 8th grade (equivalent to a high school level 1 class).  Middle school students who successfully complete the program begin 9th grade in a Level 2 high school course. 

  • NEW!!! NO application or readiness test required prior to enrollment.  

World Languages

Course of Study, MIDDLE SCHOOL

SPANISH [sample course of study beginning in 7th Grade]                        

  • 7th: Spanish 7AB           
  • 8th: Spanish 8CD
  • 9th: Spanish 2
  • 10th: Spanish 3
  • 11th: Spanish 4 or AP Spanish Language
  • 12th AP Spanish Literature

French [sample course of study beginning in 7th Grade]  

  • 7th: French 7AB
  • 8th: French 8CD
  • 9th: French 2
  • 10th: French 3 
  • 11th: AP French

 ASL (American Sign)

  • Not offered until High School

INCOMING students (students NEW to CdM) who are trying to place into a level 2 class or higher in Spanish or French, or current CdM students not currently enrolled in a language who are looking to begin a course of study above Level 1 must complete Languages Placement Testing. (ASL students unsure about placement can contact Tammy Owney.

Contact Ms. Ramirez at or Ms. Pulido at to find out when testing is given or if you have any questions!

Students scheduled to take a placement test should come to the Main HS office on the correct day. They will wait to be taken over to the testing location as a group. Testing starts at 12:30pm and lasts 45 min - 1 hour.  Please bring a #2 pencil.

No test is necessary for Level 1 courses.