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Grading Information

All semester grades will be computed beginning in grade 9 and through grade 12, except P.E. and Teacher Assistant. Teacher Assistants are to be graded on a Credit/No Credit basis. Grade point averages displayed on transcripts include:

  • ACA   9-12 weighted, used for computing percentile rank/valedictorian status

  • ACA 10-12 weighted without ninth grade

No physical education or athletcis is used in any of the above calculations.  

The Middle School GPA includes the calculation of all classes in which the student is enrolled.

Students must have attended a minimum of two semesters at a high school in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District [Corona del Mar High School, Costa Mesa High School, Estancia High School, Newport Harbor High School, Back Bay High School (Continuation), Monte Vista High School (Independent Study) or Early College High School] by the middle of their senior year in order to be ranked in the top two percent of the class and be recognized as a Valedictorian Scholar.

Grade Changes

Grades may only be changed by the instructor of record and may not be changed after the expiration of the following semester. Mechanical or clerical errors may be appealed to the principal for adjudication only by the teacher.

Incomplete Grades 

Incomplete grades must be made up within one semester. After this period of time, if the incomplete has not been made up, the grade will revert to an “F” or to the grade that has been issued with the incomplete. Exceptions, including extenuating circumstances and mechanical and/or clerical errors, may be appealed to the principal/designee

No physical education or athletics is used in any of the above calculations.