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Summer School

NMUSD Summer School Application 2019

*Please download application using the link above. Deadline to apply for summer school is Friday, June 7, 2019 at 12:00 P.M. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Summer School program is offered every year in the summer for 6 weeks. The purpose of summer school is primarily for students who need remediation. This program offers them an opportunity to make up classes which they have failed or have earned a D or F grade.  In order for a student to receive maximum credit in summer school, he/she must attend the entire summer school session and not miss more than the maximum allowed days.

  • One absence is permitted. On the second absence of a semester class the student will be dropped from the Summer school program. 

Because the summer school sessions are very impacted and short in duration, there is a strict discipline and attendance code.

Students who submit applications after that date will be placed on a waitlist and called when an opening occurs. 

High school academic courses are designed for students entering 10 – 12th grade and wish to remediate credit in English, Mathematics, and Social Science. Students may elect to take one semester course (5 credits).