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Facility Usage and Concerns

Event Parking

Parking Map for Events at CdM. Please note that visitors to CdM are not allowed to park on residential streets. 

Calendar of events

To see events specifically at CdM please select one of the two above links. The summary calendar provides a month at a glance while the detailed calendar provides additional information including times and locations of events.

use of facilities

Users can learn more about District policies and regulations regarding the use of NMUSD facilities. Users can also submit a request to use a District facility and access other information related to facilities usage. 


Those with concerns regarding the usage of any CdM school facility should contact the high school principal's office by calling 949-515-5001 or emailing during business hours from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. If it is an urgent matter and cannot wait until the next business day, please contact the 24-hour line at 714-424-3696 to report the concern.