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If you or a loved one is struggling with their mental health, please...reach out. If not to us, your School Counselors, please find help somewhere. Below are some helpful links. 

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Counselors Corner

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Sherry Martinez M.S.PPS

Middle School --School Counselor 

Middle School-- 504 Coordinator

Why did I become a School Counselor? 

I'm not sure I chose School Counseling, I think this profession chose me. I knew that I wanted to work with kids and support academic growth, but when I got into the classroom, another aspect of student support struck me as important and that is the role of advocacy, academic support and mental health. School Counseling just fit that description and once I started, there was no way I was going back!

 I knew that being a School Counselor was a big job, but I didn't realize how big until the pandemic hit. Once we hit that brick wall, I knew my job was more important than ever. I make it a point to give each student unwavering, unbiased, and non-judgmental support every day. I want to make sure that each child knows I am here for them and I am someone they can trust. 

It is of utmost importance to me that I work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators to ensure a student is provided an educational experience that supports a quality education and has equal opportunities for all. I truly believe that providing students with a solid support system as well as a strong foundation in education can impact their future in a positive manner. I will always work to be a “path finder” not a “gatekeeper” with students. 


Parental Help for Defiant Teenagers

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Talking to Teens

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