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Jen Yennie Locker

Jen Yennie

Contact Info
Teaching Schedule
Period 1  
Period 2 CompLit 2
Period 3 AP Language & Composition
Period 4 CompLit 2
Period 5 AP Language & Composition
Period 6 CompLit 2
Period 7  
Period 8  


How to Access Course Content

All assignments, course materials, due dates, and updates can be found on my Schoology page.


Email for log-in information.

Student Support Time
Monday Intervention: 8:10-9:00am
Tuesday Lunch
Wednesday by appointment
Thursday Lunch
Friday by appointment


AP Lang Summer Reading for 2019-20

Please read and annotate Arthur Miller's The Crucible and Constance Hale's Sin and Syntax. 


You should have both texts finished by the first day of school.

Link to Syllabus Verification Form

After reading the course syllabus for either AP Language & Composition or CompLit 2, please fill out the Syllabus Verification in Google Forms.